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Sheng Xian Digital Appliance City Guangzhou

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Products: household appliances, digital

Guangzhou Sheng Yin Digital Appliance City, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City, and even the largest and most professional, the latest and most complete digital audio and professional audio-visual products market, Guangzhou Investment Co., Ltd. Sheng Yin Sheng Yin, following the successful development of digital photography equipment for the city , Sheng Yin textile (fabric) city after another masterpiece. Scale success: · business area of ​​12000m2, is currently the largest in Guangzhou famous high-end component systems and professional audio-visual products market fashion; · exclusive 2000 m2 large-scale professional enthusiast "video experience zone," to fully appreciate the superb music center, top the shock of the charm of digital sound; · 4000 m2 special provision of the world's leading audio brand fashion showcase for new products, to provide a broad stage for famous show; · 600 parking spaces in a large underground car park, business area Haeinsa disdain;
Brand success: well-known brands products entered, set up a "digital display flagship store," "top image of the store," "fashion the digital audio store", so Shing Yin digital appliance brand in Guangzhou city as the most complete, latest products, information the most famous spiritual convergence of digital audio.
Service winner: Sheng Yin Digital Appliance City "one-stop service": · Pre-sale services: founder of "digital audio Shangxun Sheng Yin", guide consumption, serving the public. · The sale of services: five-star shopping environment, experiential audio sales, consumer experience the fun. Establishment of a unified sales management system to provide "personal tracking service," Sheng Yin improve consumer response to complaints mechanisms.
Integrity success: electrical, communications, photography field management in the three chambers of commerce, the first to establish a "consumer credit fund" for the audience to provide quality goods sold credit guarantees, to prevent counterfeiting, credit for the audience to provide consumers with quality assurance; the first bank to support the establishment of "good faith financing Foundation", the developer to provide credit guarantees, the full presence of small and medium businesses to help finance the Industrial, create brilliant career.

Additional Info

  • Chinese Name: 盛贤数码电器城
  • Address: Guangzhou No. 31 Dashatou four road
  • Contact:
  • Businss Hours: 09:00-18:00
  • Getting there: {mosmap width='500'|height='380'|lat='23.114848082848358'|lon='113.28581113368273'|

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