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Clothes Wholesale Guide on Guangzhou Wholesale markets

Before you action, please read it first— to clothes wholesale market

Before you buy the clothes from the wholesale market in Guangzhou, I recommend you to clear who will be your customers, and how much the clothes they can afford. Also the situation of all wholesale markets, for example the level, the price, the quality of the clothes, the address and the transportation and so on.

I recommend you to learn something about the quality of different kinds and different levels of cloth.  The same clothes can be made by different cloth. You need to think about that after the clothes are washed by machine, the quality and the color whether will be changed or not. Most of people use machine to wash the clothes now.

If you want to buy the best clothes, you should go to the wholesale market as early as the wholesale markets will be opened. As far as what time the wholesale markets will be opened, you should get it from the step 1 I recommend.

After you make a decision about which wholesales market you will buy the clothes, you should walk into the buildings in the wholesale market and find out which shops you will choose. All the wholesale markets are very big. And there are many shops in the buildings, so you should wear the most comfortable clothes and shoes.  And you will find out some clothes will be sale in most of  shops and are hanging out of the shops, it means the clothes is the most popular and newest during these time. When you find out the shops with the good style and quality clothes, and the salespersons are very beautiful, please do not buy the clothes right now, or you will buy the clothes under the highest price. You should ask the salesperson a card with the name and address of each shop. Also I recommend you to take some pictures on each shop or clothes you like. Then you can get a good price after you discuss the price with the salespersons on line when you go to hotel. Discussing with salespersons with the number of the clothes will be better for you to get a better price.


After you get the clothes, you will pay by cash at the first time, please pay attention on your bags or wallets. I recommend you take cash from the bank which is not near or in the wholesale market. Every time I found they are standing in a long line to wait.  You should get the list from the shop before you pay. You must check how many and how much of the clothes on the list whether are the same as you get. If you do not check it, after you pay and leave the shops, no one will return the clothes or money for you. And you must check the numbers of the clothes whether are clear or not is very useful for you to add the clothes from the shops which are sold very well. And one the list, there are must be the shop name, shop address, telephone number, contact person. Also with the words “if has quality problem, please change them in how many days; it can not be changed after how many days.”

Also you need to check the quality of clothes one by one after you get them.

If you just check the clothes which are just on the top of all the clothes, I am afraid there are some bad ones under them. After you do not check all the clothes seriously and leave the shops, no one will change the clothes for you.


Shahe Clothes wholesale Market

Shahe wholesale market is the biggest and traditional clothes wholesale market in Guangzhou. Many people from all over the world will go there to buy the clothes. Their price is the lowest in Guangzhou. Because the quality and the class is a little lower in Guangzhou. But many people from higher class wholesales market will go there to buy the clothes. The same clothes, in Shahe wholesale market is 10-30RMB per one, but in Zhanxi wholesale market is 30-100RMB per one, when it is in Baima wholesale market, it will be more than 100RMB per one. This wholesales market open at the earliest time in Guangzhou, around at 3am to 4am. Some shops will be closed at 11am, and some will be closed at 5pm.


Reason: one of the best wholesale market in China. The price is also the best.

Customer: the low-and-middle level and casual style.

General Price: 10 ~ 30 (RMB) per piece, or even lower.


Zhanxi Wholesale Market

It is very suitable for the young and fashion persons. If you want to buy the clothes in this wholesale market from now on, you must choose the best shops and choose the clothes again and again. Please clam down when you find the new and beautiful clothes. Stop action and think about again and again, and then choose it again and again before you buy them. You also can get a lower price than in Baima wholesale market, because they are middle and small wholesalers. But it depends on the personal ability. The working time is 8am to 5pm. You must take care of your bags and wallets

Grade: ★★★★

Reason:price and quality are at middle level, the styles are complete and suitable

Customer: young, fashion, beautiful

General Price: around 30 ~ 100 (RMB) per piece


Guangzhou Railway station and Baima wholesale market

The clothes are beautiful and expensive. There are many beautiful and female sellers in each shop. So it is hard to discuss the price with the beautiful girls. If you want to buy clothes in this wholesale market, your customers must at the highest level; at least they are office ladies or gentlemen who need everything at the highest level. If your shop is for the ordinary people and in the middle level area, I recommend you do not buy clothes in this wholesale market. Because this wholesale market is very near Guangzhou Railway station, their rent is very expensive even the shop is very small. Also their clothes are very expensive.


Reason: the price is the highest, and you will found some cheaper clothes act as the expensive one.

Customer: most of the clothes are going to be sold to abroad; this wholesale market is focusing on the middle and high level people and focusing on the quality of the clothes. It is suitable for the business of the shop is very good.

General Price: around 100 (RMB) or more per piece



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