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Home Art Xinghai Concert Hall

Xinghai Concert Hall

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Xinghai Concert Hall in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province ranked the banks of the beautiful scenery of the Pearl River Ershadao that Gao Qiao Yan Jiao, peculiar shape of magnificent appearance, full of modern, like a river of swans to fly, and if the prop cover surface of the huge piano, seamless and blue green water, forming a magnificent landscape.This to the people named musician Xian Xinghai Concert Hall, an area of ??14,000 square meters, construction area of ??18,000 square meters, with 1518-seat symphony hall, 461-seat chamber music hall, 100 seat to enjoy audio-visual room, music, culture and 4800 square meters square, with a total investment of 2.5 billion, China was the largest, most advanced, fully functional, concert hall of international standard.Xinghai Concert Hall, built in the Pearl River Pro, the hyperbolic paraboloid geometric contemporary magnificent structure, is an admirable artistic temples. Looking from north to south ramp, concert halls, like an artful swan, looking from west to east, south of the cast surface and form a platform to hold up the second floor to cover up the grand piano, and the ensemble was never clear water of the Pearl River ending chord; clear day, from two parabolic arc ridge gushing out of the sun and sunset to see the West fall, deemed to read music notes on the round.Guangdong Province, construction of spiritual civilization as a key project, the cultural metropolis of Guangzhou into an international symbol, since March 3, 1998 has been completed, Xinghai Concert Hall has been responsible for promoting classical music and foreign culture, foreign cultural exchange mission. Hall not only organize music groups and artists from home and abroad show, hosted an international vocal music, instrumental music competitions and international music and arts festival, also held mass music events, music and arts education activities carried out so that the public learn more about music, love music, and participate in cultural events at home and abroad. Hall and enterprises while also co-planned advocacy public relations activities.Xinghai Concert Hall's interior design theme focus on music, soul music inspired by the touch focus, focus on creating a musical atmosphere. Into the porch, is an art of Chinese and Western landscape: Xian Xinghai, Nie Er, Bing, etc. with Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and other foreign musicians were present in the East and two statues of bronze relief, like the one stirring spiritual movement, seductive reverie.Into the concert hall, a "traditional cultural spirit" and "music" through the design of the two elements of the feeling of blowing. Symphony Hall first floor entrance door to create a bronze base, exquisite craftsmanship and crude that Kang's style, in the faint green light glowing bronze, the people appreciate the style of ancient bronze culture.

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  • Chinese Name: 广州星海音乐厅
  • Address: No.33 Qingbo Rd , Er Sha Island, Guangzhou , China
  • Contact: (86-20) 87352222 87353869
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