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Chinese Name:吉盛伟邦Address:A6 Wanbo Center Yingbin Lu, Panyu District, Guangzhou广州市番禺区迎宾路万博中心A6幢Contact:020 8456 0218 (Tel)Hours: 10:00 - 18:30Website: http://www.jswb.com.cn/en/index.aspx
Chinese Name:国美电器Contact:020 8458 2800 (Tel)Website: http://www.gome.com.cn (Chinese)Dongshankou BranchAdd: 1-3/F Hongrui Building, 29 Zhongshan Erlu, GuangzhouTel: 020-37630909Jiangnan BranchAdd: Centralink Digital Plaza, 151-153 Jiangnan Dadao Zhong , GuangzhouTel: 020-84254466Tianhe Dong BranchAdd: 1-2/F, 153 Tianhe Donglu, GuangzhouTel: 020-38804300Liwan BranchAdd: 16 Zhongshan Balu (West…
Chinese Name:苏宁电器Contact:4008 365 365 (Tel)Website: http://www.cnsuning.com/ (Chinese)Tianhe BranchAdd: 1F, 72 Heshuixi, Xinghua Jie, Tianhe District, GuangzhouTel: 020-87050808Panyu BranchAdd: 214 Nanjiao Xincun, Panyushi Qiaonan, GuangzhouTel: 020-84700330
One of the biggest wildlife markets in China, dealing especially in wild mammals, reptiles and amphibians. It is especially popular during the cooler months (Nov - Jan.).
Beijing Lu, one of Guangzhou's most famous pedestrian streets, was once a road regularly used by government officials in ancient China. It was given the name "Beijing Lu" in 1966.Ever since the period of the Nanyue Kingdom (203-111 BC), the…

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