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Thursday, 26 December 2013 08:53

How to Wholesale Toys in Guangzhou

Purchase is a major problem faced by people who want to open a toy store, the good and bad of goods directly affect the operation of the toy store. So the problem can not be neglected. Especially for people who are new to open a toy store, the purchase is a must to learn. How to get the toys in wholesale market in Guangzhou? Here is some experience.

You should play a professional when you go to the whole toys market. As a new toys store buyer, you must learn how to buy the toys in wholesale market. To avoid the wholesalers know you are a rookie; you need to learn to be a professional on your words and your clothes. Here is some advice. If you want to ask the price, please ask them how to wholesale, not how much this one.

You should learn how to bargain. As a fresh person to buy toys in the wholesale market, you do not how to bargain. If you reply a price is very low, the wholesaler will dislike you. If you reply a high price, you think you are cheated. Then you will be very embarrassed. In fact, the wholesalers will tell you the price is much higher than the base price even several times. So you should learn how to bargain is the best way for you to avoid to be cheated.

You should hide your real need. Some customer is full of praise for the products when the seller is listening. Then the seller will catch these chances to tell the price is at a very high level, although you will try your best to discuss the seller in a along time, at last you will still buy the product, after you go home you will be very regret. So when you are a fresh buyer, if you find the product you like it very much, please pretend you do not care the product, then you can buy the product you like under the low price.

You can get the product under a good price after you make the sellers very tired. When you are looking the product you need, you let your wholesalers to pick up and contrast the products again and again; at last you tell the wholesalers the price you can accept. If the price you can accept is much lower than the price the wholesalers offer, the wholesalers will be very embarrassed. If the wholesales do not sell after they worked very hard just now, they will think they are very pity and do not get any repay. In this case, the wholesalers will give up their opinion and offer you a better price. If you the price is still can be satisfied, you can tell them the price you offer is high enough, I have inquired several shops already and they offer me the same price.  When you finish, please turn around and leave the shop. It is very useful. And then the wholesalers will tell you loudly they will offer you the price you are satisfied.

Please do not check the products in the shops. When you get products you just need to check how many products you get. If you find there are some problems on the products please inform the wholesalers about that and tell them you need to change the products as soon as you can. If you check every product in the shops, the wholesalers will found you are fresh buyers. They will think you are a trouble clients, and do not want to cooperate with you in long time. That makes you to lose the chance to get the lowest price.

Sometimes the factory can not offer the best price. The wholesale markets are for the clients who will wholesale the product. Maybe it can be retailed sometimes, but the price will be high. If the quantity you need can not satisfied the wholesalers, the wholesalers will not offer you the wholesale price. Many buyers think they can get the best price when they get the products from the factory. If you just buy several or dozens of products you can not get the price which is much higher than the price of hundreds of products will be wholesale. At this moment, it depends on your personal ability to get the bargain. If the factory manager is willing to offer you a better price, you still can get a better price.

There are many shops in each wholesale market. I recommend you to get a card of each shop you like. Then you can contact with the shops by telephone number, QQ or e-mail and so on. If you have gone to their shops, have a meet their wholesalers and have a check their products, they will offer you a better price and you no need to worry they will tell you a lie.

Before you buy the products you need know the price in market. You must decide whether to buy the product depends on the realty. That is the most important you need to learn. You can go to one shop to buy some products first, not too much and to heavy, and need to bring them on your hands easily. When you walk in to other shops, the wholesalers find you had bought some products from other shops, and then they know you will be wholesale some products from them, and they will offer you a good price. And you will found you can get a better price from other wholesalers later. If you can wholesale too much product a one time, and you like the shops very much, you also can get the cards of the shops and contact them later.

Please pay attention on your attitude to the wholesalers. If the wholesalers are very nice to you, you should not too cool or too ebullient. In a word, you let them feel that you would like to cooperate with them in a long term. You should understand the wholesalers and buyers can leave each other. It is really bad for each other can not make money Because of the bad attitude.

Yide Road Toy Wholesale Market


Reason: the most earliest and the biggest wholesale market in China. The price is also the best. There are more than 12 large buildings for wholesale toys. The people from all over world wholesale or buy toys here. There are many banks and express companies in the Yide road.

Customer: the low-and-middle level

General Price: 10 ~ 130 (RMB) per piece, or even lower


Wanling Plaza Guangzhou

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Reason: this wholesale market is near Haizhu Square metro station, airport shuttle bus station, bus station. The decoration is most beautiful and deluxe. The whole building is for wholesale, exhibition and business.

Customer: the high level

General Price: 30 ~ 130 (RMB) per piece, or even higher.



Guangzhou Liwan Toys Wholesale Market

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Reason: it has been opened 7 years by Guangdong province. It is in No.38 Shilu Ji Road Zhongshan Ba Road Guangzhou. The profit between the factory and wholesaler is very low, so you can not get a big bargain. If you must get a big bargain from the wholesaler, the wholesaler will know you are a fresh buyer. You will found the same products of different price from different shops, Because of the different scale, the address, the salary of the staff of the factories, and the quality. You need find the same product at the lowest price seriously. In this wholesale market, if you want to buy a big quantity of the products, you should make a order first.

Customer: the low-and-middle

General Price: 10 ~ 130 (RMB) per piece, or even lower



My friend is perceptional on leather. And she is working in the shoe factory many years. With the progress of science and technology, artificial leather technology becomes more mature, many imitation such as PU, whether by smell or touch, almost difficult to tell the real or not from the appearance. Here are two simple methods for you.

Visual identification method: first, from the leather pattern, pores to identify, on the surface of natural leather can see the pattern, the pores do exist, and the distribution is not uniform, the opposite is animal fiber, hierarchical recognizable side section, the lower animal fiber, with fingernails scraping on will appear leather fiber up, a napped feeling, a small amount of fibres may be falling, and leather side can see fabric, without side animal fiber, the general skin without pores, but some have imitation pores, there will be no obvious pores, some patterns are not obvious, or have a regular artificial manufacturing pattern, pores are quite consistent.


Hand touch method: Leather feel elastic, leather face downwards bent to 90 degrees will appear natural creases, are bent in different parts, and the wrinkles are different and not symmetrical. Then you can judge it is leather basically.  And imitation feels like plastic, recovery is poor, after be bent down the wrinkles are similar.


Some characteristics of natural leather are very different from the imitation, such as natural feeling, keeping warm, to adapt to the change of the temperature and the humidity, breathability and so on.

GuangDa Foreign Trade Shoes Center Guangzhou

Most of the shoes in Taobao are from Guangda shoes wholesale market. It is a little far from Guangzhou city center. There are not so many people in it. Also you can buy a pair of shoes under a good price easily. If you bring a camera and tell the salespersons you have a shop on line, you can get a better price. You also can find some shoes under the lowest price and a little old which had been kept in the warehouse. Most of the shoes are imitation. If you want to buy the leather, you should learn how to judge which is leather and which is imitation. This Wholesale market is very big. You should wear the comfortable clothes and shoes to walk around. I recommend you do not buy the shoes at the first time. You should ask the price and get the card from the shops first. If you are not professional on shoes, it is hard to judge the shoes whether are imitations. You should have a look at the original shoes first. And you can found the soles of the imitation are a little not good as the original one.


Reason: one of the biggest shoes wholesale markets in China. The price is also the best.

Customer: the low-and-middle level and casual style.

General Price: 10 ~ 30 (RMB) per piece, or even lower.


Metropolis Shoes City

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If you know how to go to Guangzhou Beijing Road, you will know how to go to Metropolis Shoes City . The transportation is very convenient around this wholesale market. You can find some shops will put some shoes before their shops before the Spring Festival. They retail or wholesale those shoes at the lowest price.

Grade: ★★★★

Reason:price and quality are at middle level, the styles are complete and suitable

Customer: young, fashion, beautiful

General Price: around 30 ~ 100 (RMB) per piece


Zhanxi Road Station Shoes Wholesale market

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Most of the shops will wholesale the shoes. Just some will retail the shoes. Because of the position of the wholesale market, the shoes will be the most expensive. The most famous building is BuYunTianDi International Trade Centre Guangzhou. When you take a taxi to this wholesale market, you can tell the taxi driver you need to go to BuYunTianDi International Trade Centre Guangzhou, then the taxi driver will know where is. Most of the foreigners like to buy shoes or clothes here, maybe because the transportation is very convenient and there are so many their friends are very family here.


Reason: the price is the highest, and you will found some cheaper clothes act as the expensive one.

Customer: most of the clothes are going to be sold to abroad; this wholesale market is focusing on the middle and high level people and focusing on the quality of the clothes. It is suitable for the business of the shop is very good.

General Price: around 100 (RMB) or more per piece

Friday, 02 December 2011 05:42

Guangzhou wholesale markets

Guangzhou, known as the "millennium business city", Guangzhou wholesale market is growing rapidly, is developing quite quickly. In addition, Guangzhou wholesale market is rebuilt in recent years. High class market has gradually become new leading wholesale market in Guangzhou, such as Baima clothing wholesale building and Guangzhou BuYunTianDi International Trade Centre and so on, and began to form a real "Guangzhou price". Guangzhou wholesales market will become a modern wholesale circulation market system. If you need more information about Guangzhou Wholesale Market, please click here.
Monday, 27 August 2012 07:16

Guangzhou Events

Events in Guangzhou updates by our editor now. It will be open to all users soon. Canton Fair is the largest biannual China trade fairs held in Guangzhou. The 112th Canton Fair is coming at 15th Oct. to 4th Nov.
Friday, 31 August 2012 03:46

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