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Qianjin Decoration Materials Market Guangzhou

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Products: hardware and building materials, plastics, home furnishing decoration

Guangzhou, Hong Kong has historically been an important trading port, which directly affect the economic development of southern China. Huangpu Road, Guangzhou city is connected with the main trunk of the Huangpu Development Zone, is an important channel for the flow of goods, the Pan-Pearl River Delta is an economic lifeline.

As the saying goes: road leads through fiscal

Huangpu Avenue in its own shops, no doubt reap business opportunities. But the "street shop", after all, can not meet the long-term development plan of Guangzhou City, the need, for advance decoration materials market came into being.

Decorative materials in the forward market forward, No. 828 Huangpu Road East, Stony Brook village. The location is excellent, east Guangdong fish bead international timber market, according to AEC Motor City West, North to the Lake Gardens real estate development group of Merrill Lynch, south beautiful Pearl River. Guangdong is located in the heart of the logistics, the logistics of the environment is very broad, with a strong business value and growth potential.

Forward decorative materials market has a large, two hundred small shops, the area of ​​about 40,000 square meters; store 8 to 13 meters before the road spacious, 24-hour security for all types of large-scale storage, sales, integrated business management action; other markets also offers dozens of dormitory housing units, commercial and residential purposes in collaboration with various businesses can be said: forward presence decoration materials market shops is the same as having unlimited business opportunities!

Additional Info

  • Chinese Name: 前进装饰材料市场
  • Address: Huangpu Road Dongpu forward AEC Motor City east of Stone Creek Village, Huangpu黄埔大道东圃前进石溪村AEC汽车城东侧
  • Contact: 020-32058987
  • Businss Hours: 09:00-18:00
  • Getting there:

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