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Xingzhiguang Culture and Sports Wholesale Market Guangzhou

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Xingzhiguang Culture and Sports Wholesale Market in the South Bank Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou, middle, and convenient transportation. North Guangzhou Railway Station, only three kilometers away from the Fair; West to Guang, City highway just a few minutes' drive; bear the title of Guangzhou Inner Ring Road. Since opening in 1997, the industry has become a wholesale market in Guangzhou A brilliant star.

Market area of ​​6500M ² over one hundred shops, spacious venue, facilities. Agency also provides leasing and warehousing logistics and distribution business, to facilitate all kinds of goodsCar out. The venue has a professional security team, for merchants to provide a good business environment.

Far apart from the active management of vendors, wholesale operations in domestic and foreign. Mainly engaged in all kinds of stationery, sporting goods, but also small articles of daily, small cross-power class.
The venue is generally inexpensive, medium and low mass merchandise, but also the "locomotive", "Double Happiness", "Pisces", "Pike", "Golden years","Music America" ​​and other well-known sports brands. Subject-object pleasure, the then wished.Market, adhering to the service, brand, features the purpose of continuous improvement dynamic.Mainly engaged in commodities

"Hero," "eternal life", "zebra", "Mitsubishi", "horse", "Family", "Golden years", "Qi Chen", "Music America" ​​and other brand pen

"Chicco", "Miki", "BMW", "Yong Shi" and other brands of students, office supplies series;
"Colorful" text.

"Locomotive", "Double Happiness", "Pisces", "create" brand ball series;
"Spalding" basketball; "victory", "Weier Fu", "Cross", "Air" and other brand racket.
"Oriental giant shark," "impulsive," "Asian Hercules" and other sports series; "Wen Feng" sports fitness equipment series.

Small articles of daily, a small AC electric (other) categories:
"Gillette", "Eagle" brand knife;
"Zhang Koizumi" brand scissors;
"Tiger Head", "Energizer", "Duracell", "555" brand batteries.
"Casio", "West Rail as", "Canon", "Triumph" and other brand computers;
"Instant-Dict", "Wenquxing", "Besta" brand E-Notebook;
"Melody Adams", "bel canto" and other brand electronic keyboard;
"Tiger", "Fei Yue" brand erhu;
"Cotton Tree" brand guitar and other cultural products.

Main Products: stationery, paper products industry

Additional Info

  • Chinese Name: 星之光文体用品市场
  • Address: No.44,Nan'an Lu,Liwan District,Guangzhou
  • Contact: 81955083/81205252
  • Businss Hours: 09:00-17:00
  • Getting there:

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