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Zhongshan Nantian Children Clothing Wholesale Square Guangzhou

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Zhongshan Nantian Children Clothing Wholesale Square of large-scale penetration, three building overpass connected, central air conditioning, large generator, automatic fire extinguishing system, escalators, elevator, HuoTi, warehouse, parking lot, chock-full of station, etc, and has complete market operation and management system, to ensure a good business order and customer property security.

Zhongshan Nantian Children Clothing Wholesale Square of 8 is the children to buy a good place for children's clothing, it collects the mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, the most fashionable style of the production of children's clothes, listed in respect of hundreds of thousands of. All kinds of brand design is unique, material and exquisite workmanship, novel style. Among them, "the frog prince" in 1999 was named one of the ten children's clothing brand, "force fruit", "coke bear" "jin valley", "ba treasure kay DE", "card Sally Monroe", "small pretty cow" and other brands are famous at home and abroad, and the south day trade city customers throughout the country and the five continents of the world.

Additional Info

  • Chinese Name: 中山八路南天童装广场
  • Address: Zhongshan Balu
  • Contact:
  • Businss Hours: 09:00-18:00
  • Getting there:

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