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Haiyin electrical Center Guangzhou

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Products: household appliances, digital and other

Electric City is located in the city of Red Star Haeinsa Street (three in the opposite), belonging to the United States a good trade Co., Ltd, is a set of mobile phone operators, air conditioning, kitchen, computer, refrigerator, washing machine, color TV is one of the Electric Company, since June 2005 18 opening, we continue to explore, to pursue and build a first-class boutiques for the purpose of Jincheng, is to embark on a sustainable path, we have developed a "win-effective service, integrity of the market," the strategic policy. From a focus on management, focus on innovation, new grasping, grasping the image to start grasping the corporate culture, and began, "U.S. Trade Co., Ltd. good" and "second pioneering" project.

After several years of arduous efforts, "the United States a good electrical Square" has been highly competitive and challenging in the electrical market place, because we firmly believe that only provides low-cost affordable for the people of product, quality and efficient after-sales service, will give we create unlimited business opportunities.

ircuit City also Haeinsa heritage of the "good electrical United Square" business model, and always adhere to the "survival of the source of power comes from good service, quality is always the key to the first element." Circuit City is trying to present Haeinsa to transform itself into a "culture-based, learning and creative" electrical store, for Haiyin people, the most valuable asset, not already owned the land, the size, personnel, nor has has a certain reputation in the market, "U.S. Trade Co., Ltd. good," but the blood into the Haeinsa the "everything to make every effort, always striving for excellence" spirit, this is to support and promote the fundamental cause of Haeinsa Electric City . We know that there are many difficulties to be overcome, the need to go a long way to go, but we Haeinsa the future with confidence. Haeinsa people always firmly believed that: "to win effective services, quality is always the first element." Haeinsa its excellent electrical performance and low cost products, consumers are welcome to visit us.


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