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Meiju Home-Deco Center

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Phase I:

In December 2000, Pearl River New City in Guangzhou CBD opened, is the first to MALL philosophy to develop a large home stores. Overall operating area of ​​120,000 square meters, divided A, B, C, D, E five, operating the home improvement, ceramics, sanitary ware, cabinets, furniture, lighting, household products, gardening and other eight industries, forming a complete home chain, broke the domestic furniture and building materials stores scattered, low-end situation, directly contributed to the grade of the store to upgrade the domestic home.

Phase II: In 2006, the United States to establish the Centre shopping mall in the fast-paced "MOSART Mercure Centre", located in the fast-paced shopping center (the second, three), total construction area of ​​78,000 square meters, the Centre brand in the United States 7 years of operation, based on the extension of the upgrade of the Mercure brand MOSART center, its positioning as a space for art museums, and focus on commercial space to create and promote business culture, the Centre will further strengthen the aesthetic beauty of home business ideas. The Mercure entered a rapid development of a comprehensive upgrade of the new era.

The third stage:

The end of 2008, MOSART Mercure Centre is again a core upgrade, Mercure Centre to operate successfully in the past, based on the area to meet the high demand for living in Guangzhou Zhujiang New City CBD

The establishment of flagship stores, and then to achieve breakthrough business model for consumers, businesses offers a new model of interaction.

Mercure Centre's architectural style:

Innovative space design - light day ceiling, air-conditioning systems, recreational water bar, indoor banyan tree, flowers, miniature landscapes and other components of the industry unprecedented space concept.

Reserved parking design - Back in the late 1990s, the United States reserved the Centre on the number of parking spaces, plus parking square of green, just like a garden-style home shopping.

Double high ceiling:

Mercure fast-paced world of the museum building, 6.8-meter-storey, creating a double store building materials stores precedent, domestic and foreign brands competing to phase into the top building materials to build the flagship store, excellent sense of space, so that business

Home have more design and exhibition space for businesses to provide a full range of products on display, access to industry and business recognition.

Mercure Museum of Art:

MOSART Mercure central theme-founded Museum of Art, the museum will set the future home of the technological revolution, home culture, transmit, display, communication and other functions with one industry, the Centre for the United States business

Provide more space for communication with consumers, and promote cultural progress and development of residential,

Space art installations:

MOSART Mercure center space in a public space for art installations, the device well-known designer from Australia (ANTHONY) writer for MOSART Mercure new business development center

Cloth and artistic theme products.

Mercure cooking stage:

MOSART Mercure Centre, all merchants set up for on-site cooking stage, only commercial kitchen can do a live demonstration of the use of the product, but also face to face interaction with consumers, and for the

Businesses and consumers have customized interactive activities.

Mercure Centre resources:

- Brand

Mercure Centre opened in December 2000 has already gone through seven years of development and accumulation, are now beginning the road towards the brand chain. Collection of domestic brands, including hundreds of high-end home-furnishings brand, and most of the mainstream brand with good strategic partnership.

Seven years, from the city's largest home shopping "Guangzhou's home carrier" to "Magic life" on trend-life thinking, to "MOSART Mercure center" fashion image, the U.S. Centre for its innovative business ideas , mature management system, complete industrial chain of home shopping environment and excellent high-end home shopping in Guangzhou established a leading position.

- Mature management model

Mercure Centre has been praised for its sound management system to follow the industry and is constantly peers. Back in 2003, the Centre will be based on the U.S. demand for tailor-made management more comprehensive set of system processes, the mall's customer service, investment processes, financial systems and other aspects of the work carried out a comprehensive specification and provides clear guidelines.

- Good management team

Mercure Centre management team, hands-on experience is very rich. Continuous operation in the practice of deepening the understanding of home industry, and summed up for further development of the brand's strategic planning, operation and management to ensure the smooth progress of work, promote the brand's steady growth has an important contribution.

Format portfolio:

Furniture, decoration, ceramics, bathroom, cabinets, lighting, household products, gardening

Brand portfolio:

Including Dynasty, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, Federal, Kin Wai, Sha Hua Chi, Andean high, masters, Italian Code for Chien, federal, Xuan map, Hansgrohe, Kohler, Binder, Roewe, Jishi Duo, God Europe Snow, Long Valley,

Additional Info

  • Chinese Name: 美居中心
  • Address: Huacheng Dadao Zhong, Zhujiang Xincheng Tianhe District, Guangzhou (Parts A, B, C & E)广州市天河区珠江新城花城大道中
  • Contact: 020 3828 3271 (Tel)
  • Businss Hours: 10:00 - 21:00
  • Getting there:

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