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Xianzonglin Tea House

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Taojin Branch
Add: 2F, 52 Taojin Lu, Dongshan District, Guangzhou
Tel: 020-83581170

Yinzuo Branch
Add: 2F, Yinzuo Plaza, 194 Beijing Lu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Tel: 020-83364560

Tianhe Branch
Add: 8/1F, Huaxin Building, 10 Tianhe Nanyilu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Tel: 020-85517070

Xiajiu Lu Branch
Add: 2F, Dongji Xintiandi, Xiajiu Lu, Liwan District, Guangzhou
Tel: 020-82393231
According to legend, the town of Shulin, Taipei County, Taiwan, a tea farmer, a poor family but charity. A Night's Dream back, when suddenly the sound was like the forest tea laughing. Farmers Mother See, I saw Yanlong dance between the lock, set off a figure eight, are onlookers chess game, pointing out the comments.
Suddenly there is a humane: "chess game is good, but no tea to quench their thirst where tea is a forest, they are not to share. Pity! Pity!" Another humanity: "This is what is difficult." Having said a thing out from the sleeve, long-eared red-eye, covered with white hair, is a rabbit. The man put the rabbit in a tea at the end, waiting for a long while, and then to pick tea leaves on tea, on instructions to the crowd. Everyone drank, are: "The really good tea!" First one Interface: "The owner of charity here I am so disturbed at this night, have no reported immediately. Mr. Chang, you both this and other means, why not tea eyeful Lin is get hold of a thorough, in order to report good man? "Zhang nodded smiling, suddenly a mouth spray, to spray a mouthful of tea all the forest, and then laughed:" endeavor to comply Taiwan life! late, which go ! "Then a wave of his big sleeves, fog Dunqi, the shadows were covered. Farmers until the fog lifted sank, near to look, but that half the figure!
Friends over to visit the next day, picking Bong-off farmers, actually fragrant, sweet entrance. Strange friend asked: "Your tea, to non-share, which is where they come from the tea?" Farmers in the situation last night, like the truth. Friends surprise: "you've got a case of fairy ah! From may wish to set up tea house, with 'RBT' in the name of this sale Acura Jia Ming, also considered picking up some kind Assembly of Immortals." Farmers words to deeds. After a mass ten, hundred, were attracted by a constant stream.
"RBT" in the name then spread like wildfire, is well known. The rabbit has become the "RBT" of the mark.

Additional Info

  • Chinese Name: 仙踪林
  • Address:
  • Contact: http://www.rbt.com.cn/ (Chinese)
  • Businss Hours:
  • Getting there:

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